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SubmitBusinessIdeas.com Offers Entrepreneurial Types Profits with no Business Risks

A new service launched at www.SubmitBusinessIdeas.com offers would-be entrepreneurs 15% profit just for submitting business ideas chosen for development.  SubmitBusinessIdeas.com assumes the business risk, runs the business, and shares the profit with the originator of the business idea.

Baton Rouge, LA – March 9, 2009 – Many people consider becoming entrepreneurs at some point in their lives, but they never start a business. Many existing entrepreneurs come up with new business ideas that they don't have the time or resources to pursue. These potentially profitable business ideas are often tossed to the wayside and forgotten over time. Now good business ideas can earn people money even if they can't pursue the business themselves. SubmitBusinessIdeas.com, Inc. allows visitors to submit business ideas online. If the business idea is chosen, SubmitBusinessideas.com will take on all startup risks and costs to develop the business, and if it proves to be profitable the originator of the business idea collects a portion of the profits.

“Great business ideas deserve to be developed,” says Rex Bowden, founder of SubmitBusinessIdeas.com. “We understand that not everyone with a business idea is interested or able to start a business and take that business idea to its full potential. That's where SubmitBusinessIdeas.com comes in. When a submitted business idea is chosen, we take on all risks and work to turn it into a profitable business. The person who submitted the idea is completely hands-off in the process, but as a sort of 'finder's fee' for submitting the idea, we give them a percentage of the profits. They can make money without taking on responsibility, risk, or doing any work beyond the submission. It's a chance for an 'ideas person' to earn money doing what they do best."

SubmitBusinessIdeas.com, Inc. will accept and develop two to five submitted business ideas each month on average. Users can expect a response within seven days, letting them know if their idea will be pursued (if the idea is not contracted, the submitter retains the right to pursue the business idea independently).

Individuals who submit business ideas take on no legal or financial risk and have no ownership or other role in the actual business developed. They will have no input on the actual running of the business. When an idea is contracted, the submitter must agree to relinquish rights to pursuing that business idea independently. Business ideas are not publicly published to the site unless they are contracted and developed (so users don't have to worry about others "stealing" their business ideas).

Users can submit business ideas through a simple online form at www.SubmitBusinessideas.com. Online business ideas are preferred, but all business ideas will be considered on their own merit. Those submitting business ideas which are contracted and developed will receive 15% of profits for the life of the project.

About SubmitBusinessIdeas.com, Inc.

SubmitBusinessIdeas.com, Inc. was launched in 2009 by successful Web developers with over ten years' experience developing online business ideas into reality. In addition to Web development experience, company founders collectively possess over 40 years of online and offline business experience. The company was setup to run with little overhead and a lean but dedicated team to facilitate quick startups of selected business ideas, with the potential of going from idea to reality in seven days or less for some ideas. The service is designed to enable users to share and profit from business ideas that they don't want to, or aren't able to, pursue on their own. The company assumes all risk, development, and management of the business ideas once contracted, and 15% of the profit from developed business ideas is paid to the person submitting that idea.

For more information about SubmitBusinessIdeas.com or to submit business ideas of your own, please visit www.SubmitBusinessIdeas.com or contact Rex Bowden at 225-266-7941.


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